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Font name:Deus Antics
CategoriesDingbats, Various
Author:Jairo P�rez
License:100% Free
Note by Jairo P�rez
Hello, this is my very first font, and prepare some tissue because this is going to get tearful in no time.

Recently I started on a new job, and for the first time on my life i am not doing graphic design. So i thought i'd like to do a tribute to that chapter of my life as a graphic designer.

In the other hand, some of the first fonts i used in my life comes from this site.
Then i thought it would be cool to close the circle that way, contributing with my own typography for those who would like to use it.

About the font itself:
I wanted to make a variation of our latin characters as some kind of runes.
"Deus Antics" means Ancient Gods in Catalan.
- There is lower case and upper case letters.
- The vowels are the only letters with curves, and the consonants are all square like.
- The symbols are pretty similar to the originals in order to help "Readability".
- Numbers goes from 0 to 9 and make use of the binary code (note the horizontal lines at the top.)

I hope you like it using it as i liked doing it.
I think i'm going to get a tattoo.

Tags: Deus Antics, Jairo P�rez, 100% Free, Dingbats, Various, Euro

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