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Font name:Jonarun
CategoriesBasic, Sans serif
Author:Symbiotic Design
License:Public domain / GPL / OFL
Note by Symbiotic Design
The Jonarun font was derived from Chisato font by Zephram.

Jonarun is a condensed, monospaced, sans serif font with varied widths and tapered or barely rounded, goth cut glyph line ends. It appears as a tall, casual, easy-to-read font.

Jonarun is also multilingual. It offers not only Basic Latin support, but also a complete Latin Supplement 1 and the Greek and Coptic lettersets for extended support in various langages. Additionally, it offers more General Punctuation, a few extra Currency Signs, and a few extra marks (TM, SM).

Although Zephram's work is no longer apparent here in this font, it exists in the underlying compressed letter forms and shapes of most of the characters that inspired me to give it a twist and turn it into a monospaced font with tapered (or subtly rounded cut) line ends. Often, the strokes of a single character will have different widths to give it a little flair, as well.

Copyright 2019 Zephram ( & Doug Peters ( or https://Dougs.Work) of Symbiotic Design (

Both this font, Jonarun, and its predecessor, Chisato, are distributed under the 'CC0' (Creative Commons Pubic Domain Dedication) freeware license.

Credit for my contribution to this work IS greatly appreciated. Thank you.

PayPal donations (to encourage my continued freeware design efforts) are also super-appreciated:

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