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Font name:Upirjuli4
CategoriesDingbats, Kids
Author:Vaclav Krejci
License:100% Free
Note by Vaclav Krejci
UPIRJULI4 - 100% free kids font with dingbats

Font created based on the alphabet drawings from my 4-years old daughter. Uppercase characters are actual letters, lowercase characters are various drawings. Few symbols are added as well to make it somehow usable. Accented letters for the Czech language included.

Some drawings are already made into fonts:

All the drawings are available from here:

The font is 100% free - use it for whatever you want, no restrictions. If you create something with it, it would be great if you could let me know. If you happen to mention the name of the font or my name, I would surely appreciate it.

Tags: Upirjuli4, Vaclav Krejci, 100% Free, Dingbats, Kids

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